Instructions from Light, JOAN Publishing, 2023.

Complex, crafted, acerbic, un-nerving, Instructions from Light is writing at its most lucid... – Kristen Kreider.

A startlingly bold act of adaptation that renders a lost screenplay as an illuminated manuscript, where text itself is transfigured into moving images. A compelling drama of language and silence...’ – Jake Arnott.

A wonderfully bristling and febrile text, subtly theorised, culturally agile...’ – Adam Piette.

Psychosis Haiku Hypertrophy, or; Violets in the Time of Virus’, in To Set a Bell Ringing, ed. Sharon Kivland, MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2021.

‘Ah this book! Here, at last, I feel like I have found my people’ Kate Briggs.

Over, in, and Under, Dostoevsky Wannabe, 2019.

These hybrid-texts have carried me into the chasms of hilarity and terror over which the cultural artefacts they address are precariously suspended.– Joanna Walsh.

I find the transformation that takes place. and the tenor of the resulting text, remarkable.’ – Peter Riley.