Emma Bolland


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Selected Publications and Papers

Forthcoming and Recent Publications

  • Instructions from Light (a hybrid image-text/long-poem/novella), London: JOAN Publishing, (forthcoming 2023) — ‘Complex, crafted, acerbic, un-nerving, Instructions from Light is writing at its most lucid’, Kristen Kreider. ‘A startlingly bold act of adaptation that renders a lost screenplay as an illuminated manuscript, where text itself is transfigured into moving images. A compelling drama of language and silence’ Jake Arnott.
  • Speaking Silence, in Gestures: A Body of Work, ed. Alice Butler, Nell Osborne, and Hilary White, Manchester: Manchester University Press, (forthcoming 2023)
  • Notes Towards Three Building #1, in Writing in Education Issue 87, Summer 2022.
  • Am / Thought / Always, in Best British Short Stories 2021, ed. Nicholas Royle, Cromer: Salt Publishing, 2021
  • Instructions from Light (excerpts), in Blackbox Manifold, Issue 26, Summer 2021
  • Subjects of the Gaze: script development as performance, co-authored with Louise Sawtell, in Script Development: Critical Approaches, Creative Practices, International Perspectives, ed. Craig Batty and Stacy Taylor, Palgrave Macmillan, 2021
  • The Work as Will (will to begin), co-authored with Julia Calver, Helen Clarke, Louise Finney, Susannah Gent, Sharon Kivland, Debbie Michaels, Hestia Peppé, and Rachel Smith, in Barthes Studies, Volume 7, 2021
  • Untitled in Writing Tests, ed. Jeanine Griffin, Sheffield: Site Gallery and Sheffield Hallam University, 2021
  • Psychosis Haiku Hypertrophy, or; Violets in the Time of Virus, in To Set a Bell Ringing, ed. Sharon Kivland, London: MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2021 — ‘Ah this book! Here, at last, I feel like I have found my people’, Kate Briggs, author of This Little Art.
  • spectrumFaust, in Virtual Oasis, ed. Dan Power, Lancaster: Trickhouse Press, 2021
  • The Fiction of the Essay: Of Abstraction, Texts, Communication, and Loss, co-authored with Elizabeth Chakrabarty, in Imagined Spaces, eds. Gail Low and Kirsty Young, Dundee: Voyages Out, 2020
  • Am / Thought / Always, in Zahir: Desire and Eclipse, ed. Christian Patracchini, London: Zeno Press, 2020
  • Between Clean Sheets: Twenga #8, co-authored with Paul Conneally, Tina Francis, Patrick Goodall, Brenda Hickin, James Kennedy, Matthew Parkin, Alison Raybould, Sid Sidowski, Yvette Greslé, Cathy Wade, and Gavin Wade, in Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, Volume 13, Number 1, pp. 27–46, 2020
  • A Conversation with Hestia Peppé, in A Salon for a Speculative Future, eds. Sharon and Monika Oechsler, MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2020
  • Words Take Wing: an encounter with Vahni Capildeo’s Odyssey Calling, in The Brixton Review of Books, Issue 10, Summer 2020
  • The Golden Peacock: an Incident of Fiction, in Roland Barthes’s Party, ed. Sharon Kivland, London: MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2020
  • Over, in, and Under, Manchester: Dostoevsky Wannabe, 2019 — ‘These hybrid-texts have carried me into some of the chasms of hilarity and terror over which the cultural artefacts they address are precariously suspended.’ Joanna Walsh, author of Hotel and Break.up. ‘I find the transformation that takes place. and the tenor of the resulting text, remarkable.’ Peter Riley, in The Fortnightly Review.
  • Sheffield (ed.), Manchester: Dostoevsky Wannabe, 2019
  • Where Memory Is, in Lune Journal 3: the Display Issue, 2019
  • White, in Terra Cotta, ed. Emily Speed, 2019
  • Or in the Way We Write in a Dream #2, in Meaningfulosity, ed. Lesley Anne Selcer, San Francisco, CA: Wolfman Books, 2019
  • Ever Fallen in Love?, in Love Bites, eds. Andrew Gallix, Tomoé Hill, and C.D. Rose, Manchester: Dostoevsky Wannabe, 2019
  • Writing Imaginary Footnotes for Mario Fusco, in Soanyway, eds. Gertrude Gibbons and Derek Horton, Volume 2, Issue 2, January 2019
  • BananaramaArt Writing, with Louise Finney and Rachel Smith, Sheffield: Gordian Projects, 2019
  • Sh! Flight!, co-authored with Helen Clarke, Sheffield: Gordian Projects, 2018
  • Manus, in On Violence, ed. Rebecca Jagoe and Sharon Kivland, London: MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2018
  • The Iris Opens / The Iris Closes: Le Silence #2 Scenes 1–13, in Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance, Volume 11, Issue 2
  • Category Error / Category Terror, in The Blue Notebook: University of the West of England Journal for Artists’ Books, Volume 11, Issue 1, 2016
  • Over, In, and Under (paragraphs 9 and 10), in Existentialism (CD / book), eds. The Mekons, Portland, OR: Sin Publications with Verse Chorus Press, 2016
  • Every Place a Palimpsest: Creative Practice, Emotional Archaeology, and the Post Traumatic Landscape, in the Association of American Geographers journal GeoHumanities: Space, Place, and the Humanities, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2015
  • Over in and Under, after Über Dekkerinnerungen (with accompanying sound work), in 3am Magazine, 2015
  • I am the Serpent Invaginate, in Cobra Res 1.9, ed. Theo Price, London: Cobra Press, 2015
  • Dog Star: dreaming transmissions from a Cosmonaut Bitch, in Micromegas Vagabond Flux, eds. Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Jannsen, Dundee: The University of Dundee, 2015

Conference, Symposia, and other Talks

As Invited Speaker

  • I wrote you a letter, at Taking Ideas for a Walk: The Essay Conference, University of Dundee, June 2018
  • Socialites and Space Invaders, at Digital Re-enchantment: Place, Writing & Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2016

As Delegate

  • The Crystalline Studio (with Becky Shaw), at the National Association of Fine Art Education Annual Conference: Making Communities and Making with Communities, Birmingham School of Art, April 2022 (forthcoming)
  • sand susurran stone (cros) sings: a video reflection on places of dwelling (with Chris Barras, Madeleine Campbell, and Jennifer Spector), at the CLE Dwelling Symposium (online), University College Dublin, May 2022 (forthcoming)
  • Making the Crystalline Studio: the oscillating spaces of oHPo Radio (with Becky Shaw), at Transforming Learning Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, September 2021
  • Performing Screenwriting as Art Practice: where and how does the film reside?, at the 12th Screenwriting Research Network International Conference—Screen Narratives: Order and Chaos, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal, September 2019
  • Considering the Movement (of the writing of the space), (with Helen Clarke) at Gestures (the movement between) experimental arts writing conference, University of Manchester, 2018
  • [Eye the] Bad Translator: Tongue is an Action, a Gesture, a Tone, at Critical Reinventions, University of East Anglia, 2018
  • The Iris Opens/The Iris Closes: Le Silence, third iteration, at Looking Forward to Think Back, A Feminist Space in Leeds, University of Leeds, 2017
  • Le Silence: Auto-fiction, Art Practice, and the Expanded Screenplay, at the 10th Screenwriting Research Network International Conference—Fact and Fiction, Truth and the Real, University of Otago, New Zealand, 2017
  • If the self is the body pierced by language, what is silence? Le Silence: second iteration, at Alternatives, Selves, Ruptures and Limits, Leeds Beckett University, 2017
  • The Iris Opens/The Iris Closes, at Future Imperfect, Plymouth University, 2017
  • Art writing as moving image: exploring the film frame as page, at the National Association of Fine Art Education Conference: Research Practice Practice Research, The University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts, 2016
  • Talking to Myselves: voice manipulation as methodology of affect, at Moving Performances, St Aldgates College, University of Oxford, 2016
  • Conceptualising the Haptic: the artist’s book in the expanded field, at Livres d’artistes: the artist’s book in theory and practice, University of Cardiff, 2015
  • The Truths of Fictions: Post-Traumatic Landscapes, Civic Erasure, and Projects of Artistic Resistance, at Unofficial Histories, University of Huddersfield, 2014
  • Fields of Knowledge: Berger, the Outdoors, and the Possibilities of Experiential Practice, at Thinking with John Berger, Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2014
  • What Is A Book If It Will Not Be A Book?, at Impact8 International Print Conference, University of Dundee, 2013
  • Every Place A Palimpsest, at the Occursus Post-Traumatic Landscapes Symposium, University of Sheffield, 2013